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Kayos's Chaos
What price must I pay, what price for my actions?
What price is given to the fallen and the damned?
The master of science, death and demand?
Let the knives fall on the table of glee,
Let them carve the message of insanity and fear.
Let us drink to blood with blood, and toast the hounds of war.
Let us bury the blackened souls of war in money and lies.
When the dusk comes and the raven cries.
I'll wait until the dawn, when the crow will die.
What price must I pay?
How much do you want?
I'll pay for the DEATH,
I'll pay for the BLOOD,
And I'll pay for the LIES.
But don't take away my sweet war.
I'll pay any price,
Anything at all.
But let me fight
My sweet, sweet war.
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Lighter by ThePriceToPay Lighter :iconthepricetopay:ThePriceToPay 0 1
... Felix's skin crawled, the taste of blood dripping in his mouth and running down his skin. He felt like he was encased in death, it's oily fingers strangling his throat.
Fear powered his limbs as he threw open the door and fled down the hall, searching, longing, hoping that his theory was correct.
Praying to anyone who would listen that she would be there...
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Underwear Swamps
...First, the guards - both her own and his own - had decided a neutral ground was best for their first diplomatic meeting.
Another large deciding factor was that the Eethen guards had taken one look at the Capital Building and decided they would rather drag her through a plague infested swamp in their underwear...
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Bedtime Stories
"Mummy, tell me a story! Want a story!"
"I have to go to work, I can't tell you a story now..."
"Just a smmmmmmmaaaaaallllllll one, please, oh please? I'll go right to sleep!"
"You'll never settle for just a smmmaaallll one sweetheart."
"Then what about a really long story, but you tell it fast!"
"I do know one story..."
Once upon a time... in a land far, far away...
Well, actually, it wasn't very far away at all, it was near here, in Capital City, or more, where Capital City was going to be...
You see, our story begins before all the other stories, back when Eethen was new, and there was no cities, just small towns and villages and there was so few people that you could walk for days and never find anyone.
Yes, dear, there wasn't even a million people then, I know it's small! You asked for a small story...
One day, a man named Eethen... yes, sweetie, that Eethen. Now stop interrupting or I'll leave fo
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A bad shot of a Silver Bird by ThePriceToPay A bad shot of a Silver Bird :iconthepricetopay:ThePriceToPay 2 8
I dedicate this book to myself.
Because I was damn brave enough to write it.
:iconthepricetopay:ThePriceToPay 1 3
Holding Hands
... It seemed at that moment, that the whole city was holding hands. Everyone was covering under tables and inside doorframes and small holes, reaching out for the person next to them, eyes shut and fingers tight.
Everyone felt the pain of the city and it's fear as one. There was no border between anything, just one joint silent scream...
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It's a Gloomses by ThePriceToPay It's a Gloomses :iconthepricetopay:ThePriceToPay 0 9
LOLwat - v.1
Tiny's POV
A long sword in my hand, I was fighting beside Holly.
"Look around you!" I said to Holly, waving my sword. "There's so much destructi-!" I accidently slashed somebody's arm open.
"Watch it!" Snapped the person, glaring at me before he ran off.
"Sorry!" I yelled after him.
I turned back to Holly.
"What's his problem?"
Holly shrugged and we ran off to find our next victim. I mean enemy.
I grabbed one person from behind and began to sing.
"Now, now, I shall chop off your heaaaaaaaaaad!"
"No, no, ohhhh please doooooooooonn'tttt!" Screamed the girl, who was about 15.
"I'm sorryyyy, I muuuuuuuusttttt!" I sang back.
"I'm SINGING!!" I snapped.
"Sounds like a sick screech owl." She muttered.
"Goodbyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" I sang, and then cut her head off.
I turned to Holly.
"Next one we find, I get to cut their head off" said Holly.
"Fine," I muttered, "But I sing."
:iconthepricetopay:ThePriceToPay 1 29
December 28, 2008 (13 Years of Age)
Prologue: Once Great
Year 2017, Wish City, Loner Territory, Kittypet range, nighttime.
Deep in the dark alley ways of the Loner Territory, in the bad part of town where the Kittypets lived, walked three figures.
All were armed and in their early twenties, with one man and two women. Each wore a cloak that swirled around their ankles.
The one that walked in front was the oldest and the strongest in rule. His hand stayed on the hilt of his sword, and his eyes darted back and forth as they searched for enemies. He was the only male of their group and walked like he owned every part of the city, even if he didn't.
The one that walked behind the man was the youngest of their group. Though weakest in rule, she was the best fighter, a talent that showed though her tensed muscles, hunched shoulders and the hand that lay on her poach of ninja stars.
The one that walked behind them all was middle in both
:iconthepricetopay:ThePriceToPay 2 5
Kayos is chaos
She watched with dread in her heart, a cold icy ball of dread, at what happened.
She had seen death before. She had seen it being given, the wide eyed terror of a person who had just seen the Daemon who was about to take them away.
But it hurt so, so, so much more when it was someone you loved.
It hurt to see that look in their eyes. It hurt to see the look of glee on the mob's face as they slaughtered some of the last of one of the oldest criminal families on Eethen.
It hurt because she knew the reason they were killed tonight was because of their name. Her mother had been innocent, her baby brother had been.
Her father...
A tearing feeling ripped through her stomach, and she watched as the late december night was turned bright with the flames that turned the three hundred year old house she had lived in her whole life to ashes.
It was gone, all gone.
The ice, the dread, the hurt, the pain, oh god the pain. It burned through her like the flames, and left not ash, but
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Part of Felix's Story
Felix could never remember hurting this much.
Kayos's punishments had never wounded him like this. She beat, sure, but she left bruises, at most some small bleeding cuts...
She didn't beat with knives, she slapped with her hands. She didn't starve him, she just gave him blander food, or less of it. She didn't... she didn't rape, she left his body alone, and in one piece.
He wanted to scream, to sob, but the only thing he could do was curl up on the cold stone floor, let what tears he had left crawl down his checks, and wish he had never had the smartass idea to escape.
Kayos, as much as he had to admit, was home. She fed and clothed and sheltered him, and while he may have to endure an experiment now and then, it was a fair deal.
The cell was so cold. He hadn't lived like this since Kayos had pulled him off the streets. His cell back... home, was warm and familiar.
Why did he ever want to leave...

..::Felix's rescue
Kayos prowled forward, her eyes sharp as she
:iconthepricetopay:ThePriceToPay 3 11
Felix Oneshot
--->:: Part 1
Kateran Fee Vi'Kotan signed, and rubbed her forehead as hard as she could. Moon above, did hangovers always hurt this much? She couldn't remember the previous ones... the main reason she had turned to booze in the first place.
Still... she didn't need the headache now. With Eethen's latest war (over slavery; next they'll probably be arguing over what color sweaters to wear, if Eethen's personality held fast) drawing to a close, chances were that slavery was going to be illegal for quite some time, which, along with the clean-up war effects, the chaos that the next few years would hold would be the perfect cover for her plan...
Her father had always said slavery made the world go round... I wonder what he would think of this-
An odd lump had appeared in her throat and odd pricks of pain in the corner of her eyes caused the young women to rub her arm across her face, realizing too late that she could have smudged some of her disguise. She probably
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Random chapter of BE
Flintis was stunned.
Caspian had fled the house, and his "father" had thrown the Captain out with a muttered statement that he would have made a better son then Caspian had.
Now standing on the front porch of the grand manor, his thoughts whipped through his head faster then a Mave after fruit. He never told me.
Then; of course not, he's your enemy.
Still, Flintis knew, after seeing his own brother driven from the family after taking to bed another woman, the horrors of non-loyal family members.
He just never expected that such a horrible person would care about the old ways so much. Perhaps it was true. Family is the last thing anyone will ever have.
It didn't look like Caspian had much of a family.
It took Flintis a while to find where the man had run off too. The shores of Lake Fletch were dabbled with cloud patterns, and the soft wind from the South added a nice touch.
He was just sitting on the dock, shoes touching the water, and hands on his lap. He didn't even
:iconthepricetopay:ThePriceToPay 1 4
Greetings, my name is Gloometh P. A. Silverblade.This gallery was created for my story "The Price to Pay", a series of three books - or a trilogy, based off a trio of villains with a simple goal, and an impossible goal.

This gallery will feature anything from a few sentences to whole chapters from the work, as well as things like character profiles, pictures (I hope to draw for my own book) and a few other things as well.

I also hope to self-publish this once it's done, so this was set up for reviews and so on. I ALWAYS welcome other people's opinions, so don't be afraid to be a bit harsh, it all helps, and I want this to be perfect!

~ Gloometh



Gloometh Silverblade
Artist | Literature
Greetings~ My name is Gloometh Silverblade. This account is set up for my book trio, The Price to Pay. This account will include character profiles, book parts, finished chapters, sketches for the book(s), and more. Basically anything to do with my work. ^.^

The Price to Pay is a horror/crime series centered around three villains with a simple goal - and an impossible task.


This account was set up so I could get responses, feedback, criticism, comments and so on about my work. I welcome whatever you say, except if it's to compare my work to something like Twilight, or some other book like that. In which case, I will rip your insides out, and strangle you with them. This is horror, with actual villains, there will be no sparklefairies!
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I'm officially gone, the chapters are gone.

It was sadder then I thought it would be.

I can be found at :icongloometh: for now. Along with another secret account somewhere.

You'll see me around sometime, checking for feedback and so on.


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